Welcome to Äna's Design Studio!

Many years ago (in the 1980s), I worked at both movie and television studios - and frequently toured all over the world with top-tier Bands. I began to incorporate my role as an Image Stylist... a Seamstress for the Bands, if you will... with that of an Artist and Designer of Sets & Stage. Over time, these roles morphed into all types of Interior Design for the Custom Homes of many of my celebrity clothing clients.

Ultimately, Äna's Design Studio was born.

I have managed to successfully merge Clothing with Decor... and vice-versa. Each piece custom designed with both worlds in mind - something, I'm quite proud to say, that has not successfully been done very often!

As a result, I invented a collection born from both worlds: The Ah-Nah Collection (this part of the website is still under construction).

I conceived of Lingerie that is not simply worn... but an environment that is lived-in.

I bring you the Art of Intimate Decor: personalized rooms to fit the individual's imagination and style. Sort of like a pair of old jeans and a favorite tee... something cozy and lived-in.

That's what the Design Studio is all about.

I invite you to enter an Artistic Environment...

Interested in Costumes - for either Adults OR Children? I can help!
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